Redhead babe Buffy LeBrat releases “Rock, Paper, Scissors” CFNM fetish video

buffy lebrat fetish video rock paper scissors cfnm

The redhead babe Buffy LeBrat teases viewers in her brand new fetish video clip “Rock, Paper, Scissors”.

In the POV style CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male) fetish video, Buffy seduces the viewer into playing a striptease game of rock, paper, scissors. A scantily clad Buffy is hard to ignore, especially in her tiny pink dress and thigh high black leather boots. Getting her naked is at stake! While the game might seem simple at first glance, it proves to be a challenge to the viewer. As a forfeit for losing, the viewer winds up having to strip naked. It seems that you can’t always get what you want, but that’s just part of the fun. After your defeat, she claims your clothes as her prize, and in order to get them back, the redhead babe needs some convincing!

Trailer for Buffy LeBrat’s “Rock, Paper, Scissors! CFNM Fetish Striptease” Clip

A CFNM Fetish Forfeit

When her female friends start knocking at the door, the viewer knows what’s coming next! In order to get his clothes back, he’s going to have to answer the door naked, and do a whole lot more. Redhead babe Buffy seems to enjoy the viewer being the entertainment for the evening, and teases them up a storm. CFNM fetish fans are going to adore this clip, filled with tease and denial and just the right amount of humiliation to get your heart racing.

Where to buy this clip and Buffy LeBrat Porn Videos

Fans of CFNM fetish videos can purchase the clip from a variety of sources, including the new clip store. Clips purchased from are also available for download. The “Rock, Paper, Scissors” clips is also available for purchase on Manyvids and on demand via the Onlyfans messaging system.

If you are a fetish video fan and have a specific request in mind for a video, Buffy LeBrat also accepts custom video requests. To have your custom fetish clip wishes granted, send a message via our contact form place an order through her Manyvids custom video service here.

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