Pet play fans will love this new kitten clip from Buffy LeBrat

buffy lebrat cum kitten feeds you your cream pet play film poster

Pet play fans should get excited for Buffy LeBrat’s new clip, “Cum Kitten Feeds You Your Cream”.

As a fan of pet play herself, Buffy throws herself into the opportunity to go all out for the scene. She claims she particularly enjoyed the opportunity to make the all important ears and tail parts of her costume by hand, designing and crafting them especially for this video.

Watch Buffy LeBrat’s new clip “Cum Kitten Feeds You Your Cream” trailer here


What is pet play?

Pet play is a type of roleplay. While it might sit under the kink and BDSM umbrella, the aesthetic is less whips and chains, more ears and tails. There’s a lot of misunderstanding about this fetish, because it seems confusing or unusual to outside observers. The most common misconception is that pet players want to behave inappropriately with animals. In reality they enjoy the dynamic of roleplaying as a pet or caregiver. Whether you enjoy someone looking after your, or like expressing yourself through animal like behaviour, there’s a lot about pet play that is wholesome, even if it seems odd.

Common types of pet roles to assume are kittens, puppies or ponies.

“I personally identify more as a cat person, though I can relate to all of the pet roles in pet play” laughs Buffy. “When I was young, and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I used to say I wanted to be a cat! That got a lot of laughs, but I think it was pretty wise! The life of a pet cat seems pretty groovy to me. They’ve got it made!”.

“While of course, I don’t actually want to be a cat, I admire a lot of their traits. Cats and kittens enjoy pampering. They’re sometimes a bit of a handful. They’re mischievous and cunning. I think I fit into that mould quite nicely”.

All about the “Kitten feeds you your cream” video and where to get it

In the video, Buffy is minding her kitten like business when you stumble upon her. She seductively reverse stripteases, getting into character for you. Buffy charms us with eye contact, dirty talk and her sense of humour throughout the clip. The action itself starts of gentle, but finishes loudly and messily. This kitten relishes getting her cream.

If you want to get your hands on Buffy’s video, you can visit the Buffy Clip Store, her Manyvids store, or get it by request on Onlyfans.

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