Lustery Couple Buffy and Jack laid bare in “Full Disclosure” scene

buffy lebrat and jack rush the lustery couple bare all in new vlog scene full disclosure

¬†Lustery couple Buffy and Jack are back in action with their new amateur sex scene “Full Disclosure”.

The pair show us a different side to their escapades in making porn at home during the time of quarantine, getting busy for Lustery in their first Vlog scene. Buffy and Jack show us what they are doing to keep themselves occupied during the UK lockdown. They stay active with a steamy yoga session, and we get to know them a little better with an in depth interview.

Buffy and Jack enjoy an intense sexy moment for Lustery in “Full Disclosure”.


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Sex at home for Lustery

When it comes to the sex itself, Buffy and Jack seem to relish in their intimacy. The couple seems to enjoy working a lot of foreplay into their home workout routine.

For oral sex fans, the scene is a perfect fit. Full Disclosure features the couple giving and receiving oral. The sex is dynamic and energetic, with Buffy and Jack moving seamlessly from position to position. The couple have great chemistry and it shows on screen.

“We both know each other’s bodies very well!” claims Buffy, “and we have the best opportunity to get to know what we like even better thanks to the lockdown”.

So what do the couple plan to do for their next scene when the lockdown is lifted?

“We think we’ll try our hand at something a little bit more daring in a travel Vlog, even if we go away for the weekend but stay in the UK.” says Jack. “That said, I think going somewhere warm would an extra nice incentive to produce our first outdoor scene”.

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