Love Lockdown: Lustery Couple Buffy and Jack create new scene in Quarantine

Buffy and Jack Lustery Couple

Lustery couple Buffy LeBrat and Jack Rush have just finished creating a new scene for

The pair, who have been partnered for more than a year have finalised a scene, shooting the film in their home during the Covid-19 lockdown. They describe the scene as an unusual move for the Lustery vlog format. Still, the veteran Lustery Couple were up for the challenge.

“Many couples who shoot a sexy vlog for Lustery take the show on the road and travel together, which we’d love to do, but we are stuck indoors!” says Jack Rush.

“Due to travel restrictions, we had to think outside of the box and chose to show what a love ‘in the time of quarantine’ looks like,” Buffy LeBrat adds. “That includes us pottering around the house and living our lives. It really does show the reality of being a couple in this time”.


An excerpt from Buffy and Jack’s first ever homemade porn scene in partnership with Lustery


Handling lockdown as a Lustery Couple

Being on mandatory lockdown has certainly benefited the couple in the porn stakes though.

“What better way to keep busy and stay positive than have lots of sex? We’d be doing the same thing, even without the camera!” Jack adds with a laugh.

They have documented plenty of the at home action. Not only have they shot a feature for the Lustery Vlog format, but they got down and dirty for a quickie video.

“We love working for Lustery, so we can’t have enough sex on their behalf. We love what they’re about, and enjoy seeing other like-minded couples getting it on. They’re the perfect fuel for our sex life!”.

Buffy and Jack also featured in the Lustery #TakingMyTime campaign as documented on AVN in celebration of Masturbation Month in May, along with other couples who have contributed to the project.

“We recommend reaching out to Lustery if you are interested in filming a porn scene with your partner or partners. We’ve both found it incredibly rewarding”.

Curious couples who want to try it out should aim to contact Lustery founder Paulita Pappel via her Twitter page or by emailing, citing that they have been referred by Buffy and Jack.

The scenes will be announced on Buffy LeBrat’s personal blog and via the couple’s instagram page when they are launched. To watch Buffy LeBrat and Jack Rush in action, fans should visit the Lustery website and join for FREE.

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