Buffy LeBrat Custom Clips

Have you ever wanted to direct your own porn film? Buffy LeBrat offers a custom video service and will bring all your naughtiest fantasies to life! Buffy makes fetish, solo and boy/girl porn clips on demand to your specifications, putting you in the director’s chair. Buffy LeBrat’s production team have years of experience in filming, photography and editing in order to bring your vision to life. We can even design and build costumes, props and special effects by request. The desire is in the detail.

How Do I Request a Custom Video?

If you have an idea that you want to see come to life, share it with Buffy. Brief notes are fine for simpler ideas, but if you have a complex request, the more detail you include in your plan, the better! Think about the story and what the team will need to bring it to life.  Outline specific requests for camera resolution, video length, props, costumes, dialogue, sex toys and sex positions or anything else that’s important to you.

If you’d like to confirm if we can fulfill a specific request, or if you have any general questions, use the contact form on the Buffy LeBrat site to learn more.

    Custom Video Testimonials

    buffy lebrat sex ed custom video

    Loved the role play in this vid. A great original idea that is very sexy as well!

    MrThickandCreamy / ManyVids
    buffy lebrat hot yoga custom video

    God I love this woman. Amazing.

    JimmyNJ84 / ManyVids
    buffy lebrat puppy play custom video

    Amazing! So intense and captivating.

    soinane / ManyVids

    Where Can I Purchase a Custom Video?

    There are a variety of places that custom videos can be purchased from.
    If your video concept is simple, then the best place to purchase a custom is via Buffy’s Onlyfans page. Custom video prices will always be lower for Onlyfans subscribers, and the video can be delivered straight to your message inbox. If you have a more complex request, you can purchase custom videos via the Buffy LeBrat Manyvids custom video service page, or you can now purchase a custom video directly on BuffyLeBrat.com.
    Please complete a custom video form first to get a quote, and then use the donate button below to tip the agreed amount.

    Buffy LeBrat Custom Video Pricing

    Different factors adjust the price of your video, such as the video length, resolution, and if new props or toys need to be made or purchased. For an accurate fee quote, submit a form. You can refer to the Manyvids custom video pricing for a general idea of what to expect.
    When you have an action plan and you’re ready to submit your request, use this form to get a quote.