Buffy LeBrat offers interactive sex shows with Lovense toys

buffy lebrat interactive sex shows with lovense toys

Lovense toys have been a staple of interactive sex shows in the webcam world for some time now, and Buffy LeBrat wants in on the action.

There are a variety of toys in the Lovense range. While many are aimed at women and long-distance couples, they offer a choice of sex toys for men too. All of the toys in the range can be connected to one of two apps in preparation for being controlled by your own hand, or a partner’s: the Lovense Remote app, which is typically used by couples or Lovense Connect, which built for live interactive sex shows on webcam.

Buffy is now offering two types of Lovense toy shows, both for private cam one-to-one chats and in her free cam shows. Lovense toys offer great flexibility when it comes to interactivity on both types of platforms. So here is the lowdown on how each style works.

Lovense Private Cam Shows



Fans who prefer private one to one webcam shows can download the Lovense Remote app. During a webcam show, Buffy will grant the fan remote access to a toy of their selection, and they can turn the dial up on her vibrator as they please. A perfect chance to show off your personal technique of giving pleasure.

If you have your own Lovense toy, you can return the favour and grant access to your toy which allows Buffy to control it. But there’s good news for fans who want their interactive sex show to feel more like the real deal. The Lovense Male Masturbator toy, the Max 2, has the capability of syncing with the Nora “rabbit style” vibrator. Using haptic feedback, your thrusts can control the intensity of the vibrations of Buffy’s toy and vice versa. Couple the Max 2 with a realistic Vagina sleeve in order to get the maximum, real feel effect.

The toy has been causing quite a stir Buffy’s private interactive sex shows. One of the most requested services is a blowjob show, where Buffy shows you what it’s like to feel her mouth on your cock using her Nora toy to stimulate you via the Max 2. Now we can see why there has been a boom in the sex toys for men market!


Lovense Free Cam Shows

The Lovense line of toys are not limited to private cam show use. They can also be used on platforms such as Chaturbate, Cam Soda, Cam4 and Bongacams, where Buffy herself appears. In this format, the toy in use is linked to the platform and vibrations are triggered by tips. The higher the tip, the longer and stronger the vibration is. The variety of tip levels means that anyone can join in on the interactive fun, regardless of their budget.

Buffy claims that multiple fans joining in results in wild shows and intense orgasms due to the non-stop stimulation! Webcam models who wish to use a Lovense toy in their show connect to the Lovense Connect app.

Buffy LeBrat’s Lovense Toy Collection

Buffy LeBrat currently has access to the Nora, Ambi, Lush and Hush. But there is always room for more! You can add a new toy to her interactive sex shows by treating her to an item from her Lovense wishlist. We recommend a variety of sex toys for men, including the Lovense Max 2, Hush butt plugs and the Edge prostate massager.

You can check when Buffy LeBrat is online for a private cam show by heading to her cam schedule page. To buy your own Lovense sex toy, click here.


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